Harvard Survey results shows low expectations for future of U.S. competitiveness

The Harvard Business School recently released the results of a survey that attempted to answer the questions “What ails the American economy?” Harvard surveyed almost 10,000 alumni in the U.S. and abroad this past fall, all of whom are important actors in the global economy. HBS asked the alumni how they thought the U.S. would compare in the next few years and what they found was a lot of pessimism.

Two-thirds of the alumni polled agree that the U.S. is falling behind the emerging economies of Brazil, India, and China and is only just keeping up with other advanced economies. Of the numerous disadvantages the complex tax code, the political system, and weak K-12 education stood out as blockades to growth and competitiveness.

Overall, 71 percent of alumni expect U.S. competitiveness to decrease over the next three years, even though 57 percent say that the current business climate in the U.S. is above the average set by other advanced economies.

This is Harvard’s first “Survey on U.S. Competitiveness” – part of the school’s ongoing “U.S. Competitive Project,” a multi-year project, which aims to lay out the facts and realities of international competition and the implications for the U.S. in a nonpartisan way.

Posted by: Devon Thorsell

Sources: Reuters, The Washington Post, Harvard Business School Survey on U.S. Competitiveness


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