White House Science Fair

President Barack Obama hosted the second annual White House Science Fair last week. The fair featured original student research and inventions. Thirty student teams were represented by approximately 100 students from over 45 states. Also in attendance were senior Administration officials as well as leading STEM advocates and educators, including Bill Nye and Linda Rosen (CEO of Change the Equation).

The fair honored winners in a broad range of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics competitions across the United States. President Obama made statements address the need for more students to study these critical areas: “When students excel in math and science, they help America compete for the jobs and industries of the future… That’s why I’m proud to celebrate outstanding students at the White House Science Fair, and to announce new steps my Administration and its partners are taking to help more young people succeed in these critical subjects.”

In his address to the attendees, Obama expressly thanked the parents, teachers, and noted the incredible work of the students, who presented work that most of us couldn’t have dreamed of when we were in middle or high school. He also remarked on the importance of recognizing achievements in STEM subjects, especially those of young people.

“The belief that we belong on the cutting edge of innovation, that’s an idea as old as America itself,” Obama said. “We’re a nation of thinkers, dreamers, believers in a better tomorrow.”

The President also announced a few new initiatives to increase the number of students in STEM subjects and prepare teachers to meet the need including:

  • Priority on undergraduate STEM education reform in the President’s upcoming budget, including a $100 million investment by the National Science Foundation to improve undergraduate STEM education practices.
  • A new K-16 education initiative jointly administered by Department of Education and the National Science Foundation to improve math education
  • Commitments from private sector groups and coalitions to do more to get students excited about STEM-related
  • New policies to recruit, support, retain and reward excellent STEM teachers, along with an $80 million investment in the President’s upcoming budget to help prepare effective STEM teachers.
  • A new $22 million investment from the philanthropic and private sector to complement the Administration’s teacher preparation efforts.
  • One million more students graduating with degrees in STEM subjects in the next ten years.

Some of the outstanding research and inventions presented at the fair were: dissolving sugar packets, designed to reduce paper waste; a landmine detecting device; and improvements to Cancer treatments by overcoming chemotherapy resistance. The President also took the time to participate in a few of the projects. Watch the President launch a marshmallow cannon in the State Dining Room.


Posted by: Devon Thorsell

Source: whitehouse.gov

Photo credits: President Obama and participant at the 2010 Science Fair by flickr user cerebus19


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