STEAM Education

Much has been made of STEM education and its role in America’s future.  However, some argue that the term may leave out a key ingredient that we would be remiss to forget; arts education.  Thus the term ‘STEAM education’ was born.

In Rhode Island, a coalition exists to promote the intersection of art and design with math and science education.  Robin Bronk, CEO of the Creative Coalition, is trying to ensure that arts education play a role in a well-rounded curriculum.  In fact, there have even been  proposals for new STEAM charter schools to open their doors.  When asked about STEAM education Dr. Francis Kane responded, “STEM represents the knowledge, tools and processes to invent the future, however, the arts are what make us human. They are inseparable.”

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources:,,, Washington Post


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  1. sara kapadia says:


    We have a new journal. The STEAM Journal based at Claremont Graduate University. I would like to email you the Call for Papers. If you are interested the email is

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