You are Invited: The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson

The Woodrow Wilson Center invites you to a Book Discussion:

The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson: From College to Nation

Edited by: James Axtell, Kenan Professor of Humanities Emeritus, College of William & Mary

Moderated by: John Milton Cooper

Thursday, January 12, 2012 ~ 6th floor Joseph H. and Claire Flom Auditorium ~ 4:00–5:00 pm

In The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson, James Axtell brings together essays by eight leading historians and one historically minded political scientist to examine the long, formative academic phase of Wilson’s career and its connection to his relatively brief tenure in politics.  Together, the essays provide a greatly revised picture of Wilson’s whole career and a deeply nuanced understanding of the evolution of his educational, political, and social philosophy and policies, the ordering of his values and priorities, and the seamless link between his academic and political lives.

Please RSVP in advance by sending an email to

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