STEM Education and Philanthropy

After a long search, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced yesterday that Cornell had been chosen to erect a graduate school focusing on science on Roosevelt Island.  A large portion of the funds are the result of a gift from Cornell alumnus Charles F. Feeney, co-founder of Duty Free Shoppers Group.  While this gift will go a significant way towards creating a STEM graduate school in New York City, it is by no means the first instance of charitable giving impacting STEM education.

Much STEM-centric philanthropy has in recent years come from corporate giving.  However, a growing number of private, individual giving is now going towards STEM education.  While the Gates Foundation, which has a thriving STEM education focus, is not reliant solely on contributions from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, his individual impact on the direction of the foundation is undeniable.  His Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has also proven very generous when it comes to STEM educationNYSCI has a program designed to facilitate private philanthropy in science education for underserved high school and college students.  Feeney, as quoted in the New York Times, said of his donation, “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create economic and educational opportunity on a transformational scale.”

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources: Gates Foundation, NY Sci, New York Times, Slate, Wall Street Journal


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