Leading the World in Innovation

While multiple indices have shown varying results regarding U.S. innovation, a new study by Thomson Reuters shows that American companies are among the most innovative firms worldwide. This report, The Top 100 Global Innovators, outlines the top 100 firms worldwide with the highest track records of innovation investment, global influence, and intellectual property protection.

Of the 100 companies determined to be the top innovators, 40 are American companies. The largest segment of those 40 companies is focused on semiconductor and electrical component manufacturing. Chemical, healthcare product, telecommunications equipment, pharmaceutical, aerospace and computer hardware manufacturing sectors were also represented amongst the 40 American companies. After the United States, Japan was second on the list, with 27 firms, and France came in third with 11 firms.

In order to make this claim the report relied on a multitude of international patent data.  The criterion used were the amount of patents, the success with which patent applications were granted, the degree to which these patents were recognized in the largest markets in the global economy, and the degree to which these patents were cited by subsequent patent applicants.  The report notes, “This designation proves that companies that invest in innovation, and protect and enforce their intellectual assets, are significantly more likely to contribute to economic growth, both within their organizations and the nations in which they reside.”

Posted by: Rebecca Anderson

Sources: Thomson Reuters

Photo Credit: Invenzioni [Inventions] courtesy of flickr user maxgiani


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