Teaching STEM Teachers STEM

Many have argued that maintaining a workforce adequately educated in STEM fields is critical to providing economic security in the United States.  That being the case, it follows that as a nation we would be well served to have teachers capable of imparting that valuable knowledge on future generations.

Concerned parties have stepped in to help ensure that teachers receive proper training in a variety of fields.  The National Writing Project, which aims to “improve writing and learning for all learners”, provides professional and resource development for writing and English teachers.  Massachusetts, meanwhile, is ramping up its efforts to improve STEM access among public education institutions, notably at Framingham State University which is now one of 60 NASA Educator Resource Centers providing the university access to the agency’s online library.

Earlier this year, the Wilson Center hosted a conference discussing just this issue.  Bringing together a number of Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellows, science and math teachers recognized for their excellence, the panelists described ways in which we can help make sure that teachers have the proper skills.

Posted by: Carolyn Bantz

Sources: National Writing Project, Teaching Science 2.0, Wicked Local Framingham

Photo credit: proud of my profession courtesy of flickr user snacktime2007


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