Entrepreneurship Education

It is often said that education is one of the key factors we can focus on while trying to emerge from the current recession.  It is also often said that more entrepreneurship can be the panacea for which we are searching.  However, up until recently the two have largely been looked at wholly independent of one another.

That is now changing as more and more we are recognizing the value of an education in entrepreneurship.  Once only the province of business schools, courses in entrepreneurship have gained steam.  While the phenomenon of spending classroom time devoted towards incubating entrepreneurs has been around for a few decades, the idea of offering entrepreneurship as a major is relatively new.  Amy Wilkinson, a Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar, has argued that “[w]hether through community college programs or after-school learning centers, we must encourage fledging entrepreneurs and enhance their skills.”

Posted by: Rebecca Anderson

Sources: CNN, Slate

Photo Credit: Small Business Administration


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