Energy Efficiency for Innovation

Many private energy companies have implemented rebate programs for their customers who purchase energy-efficient appliances.  Programs have been set up in many states, including most recently Oklahoma.  Greg Philips, president of one of the state’s largest gas companies, Oklahoma Natural Gas, recently commented, “We are serious about encouraging our customers to be more energy-efficient”.   Similar programs are being introduced in New York, North Carolina, and elsewhere along the East Coast in conjunction with the damage caused by Hurricane Irene last month.

Not only are home owners benefiting from the increased attention to energy-efficient appliances, small businesses are as well.  According to a national survey released by Small Business Majority, of 1,200 business owners nationwide, energy costs including fuel, electricity, heating and cooling are of high importance.  Some argue that a focus on eliminating these costs will allow for increased prosperity for small business – with 68% of those surveyed having already installed energy-efficient lighting, appliances and insulation.

John Arensmeyer, CEO and founder of the advocacy group, Small Business Majority, stated that “Standards that increase fuel efficiency…will deliver innovations that consumers want without putting the product financially out of reach. Allowing the EPA to regulate harmful carbon emissions could help stabilize the market and set clear goals for our nation’s future in the clean energy economy.”

Posted by: Georgina Ellison

Sources: Business News Daily, Business Week, Staten Island Advance, The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Energy Star Certification courtesy of flick user MoneyBlogNewz


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