State Manufacturing and Global Competitiveness

States across the country are participating in the ‘2011 Next Generation Manufacturing Study‘ in order to “help researchers identify world-class best practices in manufacturing.”  Launches are being held in states from New Jersey to Wisconsin to Montana with the hopes of reassessing “state manufacturers on strategies that win in the global economy.”

The first iteration of this study was held in 2009.  Among the findings of that survey were that, smaller firms were less likely to be world-class status, sustainability ranked low as a concern among respondents, and only 28% of those who responded said that global engagement was highly important.  The deadline for manufacturers to partake in this study is June 21 and the results are set to be published this fall.

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources:,, Manufacturing Success, Montana State University,

Photo Credit: 1917 Chandler Model 17 7-Passenger Touring Car (4 of 7) courtesy of flickr user myoldpostcard


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