Not Innovation, but The Innovator

When discussing innovation, Americans have largely focused on the systemic ways to foster innovation for society as a whole.  Some argue for educational changes, some argue that reform is best accomplished through our legal system, and some argue that the key to unlocking America’s innovative power lies in our tax policy.  Rather than focusing on large-scale policy prescriptions however, some have argued that we must focus on the traits of the individual innovator.

These individual innovators must not only be scientists or technology whizzes, they must be aware of and familiar with market forces as well.  According to this line of argument, the business leader and engineer must interact successfully to fully take advantage of the innovation in question.  These two fields must not be ‘siloed,’ they must interact and feed off each other.  Given that Vice President Biden just named America’s first top energy innovator, perhaps now is the best time for the individual innovators to get their time in the sun.

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources: Department of Energy,

Photo credit: A Tireless Innovator courtesy of flickr user Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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