You are Invited: Liberal Arts at the Brink

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Liberal Arts at the Brink

Featuring Author: Victor Ferrall, President Emeritus, Beloit College

Commentators: Scott Jaschik, Founding Editor, Inside Higher Ed; Francis Oakley, President Emeritus,

Williams College

Liberal Arts College represent a tiny portion of the higher education market – no more than 2 percent of enrollees.  Yet they produce a stunningly large percentage of America’s leaders virtually every field of endeavor.  The educational experience they offer – small classes led by professors devoted to teaching and mentoring, in a community dedicated to learning – has been a uniquely American higher education ideal.  With Liberal Arts at the Brink, Victor Ferrall hopes to send a wake-up call for everyone who values liberal arts education.  A former college president trained in law and economics, he shows how a spiraling demand for career-related education has pressured liberal arts colleges to become vocational, distorting their mission and core values.  Despite the daunting realities, he makes a spirited case for the unique benefits of the education they offer – to students and the nation.  Ferrall urges liberal arts colleges to stop going it alone and instead band together to promote their vision and ensure their future.

Tuesday, April 26th:  3:00 to 4:30 p.m Woodrow Wilson Center

Fourth Floor Conference Room

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