A New Manufacturing Strategy

In the face of increasingly visible signs of manufacturing decay, some are fighting back.  Towards that end, Senators Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) recently introduced the National Manufacturing Strategy Act of 2011, a bill that aims to make American manufacturing more competitive.  The bill aims to accomplish this through high-tech manufacturing and the use of emerging technologies.  Specific components of the proposed legislation include the adoption of a National Manufacturing Strategy and the creation of a public-private National Manufacturing Board tasked with analyzing American manufacturing and identifying areas for improvement.

The bill, which has received support from the AFL-CIO , comes on the heels of several other pieces of innovation and competitiveness related legislation weighed both by the previous Congress and today’s Congress. Of specific note, late last year, Congress approved a National Economic Competitiveness Strategy within the re-authorization of the AMERICA Competes Act.

In formulating this strategy, the Department of Commerce is currently studying American competitiveness and innovation in areas ranging from entrepreneurship to education to the exchange of ideas.  Submissions for a Request for Information (RFI) released by the Department were due at the beginning of this month. The Department is required by law to complete its study by January 2012.

Posted by Rachel Barker

Sources: AFL-CIO, Athena Alliance, Department of Commerce, Industry Week, Media-Newswire

Photo Credit: Janesville GM Assembly Plant courtesy of flickr user Cliff1066


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