Technology in Early STEM Education

In addition to the repeated calls from Washington and the private sector to address America’s STEM education deficiencies, educators are recognizing the need to innovate their teaching methods to meet the demands of a global economy.  The State Educational Technology Directors Association, a consortium of educational technology leaders from across the country, released their study this week on state-by-state progress in using technology as an added tool in K-12 classrooms.   Director Douglas Levin noted that “through state leadership in educational technology, school district investments of funds for educational technology have been increasingly strategic and impactful.”

Leaders from the National Writing Project, Reading Is Fundamental, and FableVision presented today their project on this very issue.  Entitled “Curious Adventures of Sydney and Symon in: Water Wonders”, this project is a new STEM-meets-literacy resource for children ages 6-8.  The reading and writing teaching tool features young scientists and encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity as part of an effort to introduce younger children to the flexibility of technology.  Paul Reynolds, CEO of FableVision, hopes that “by engaging children at an early age and giving them multiple pathways to explore and express their interest and knowledge in these important disciplines, the Water Wonders approach will invite and enable more students to develop an interest in STEM.”

Posted by: John Coit

Sources:  Business Wire India, Marketwire,, State Educational Technology Directors Association, The Hill

Photo Credit: Education posted by flickr user elodes


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