STEM in College Education

When discussing the current state of STEM education in America the conversation tends to focus on K-12 grade levels.  There is, however, a growing realization that STEM education should not fall to the wayside post-high school graduation and thus colleges are increasingly seeking to address the situation.

The University of Kentucky recently added a Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to its College of Education to be put in place this summer.  Central State University in Ohio recently received a grant from the Department of Defense to establish the University Center of Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  In addition to educating the next generation of STEM teachers, these programs aim to have an impact on rural and urban school districts and boost the number of students in STEM fields from underrepresented groups.

STEM is also making inroads in community colleges as well.  According to Abdalla Hazaimeh, Ph.D., chair for math and physical science at Ivy Tech−Northeast, “[i]n the twenty-first century, students at all levels of American education must go beyond the memorization of facts and engage the critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills that prepare them to use scientific knowledge and skills in a global environment.”

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources: Dayton Business Journal, Inside Indiana Business, Kentucky Kernel, Northeastern University

Photo Credit: Stem residential college dedication courtesy of flickr user ucentralarkansas


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