Manufacturing in the Public’s Eyes

According to a study entitled “Made in America? What the Public Thinks of Manufacturing Today” sponsored by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte, 78 percent of respondents thought that manufacturing was very important to our economic prosperity and 76 percent thought that it was very important to our standard of living.  Furthermore, respondents thought that the manufacturing industry followed only the energy industry in terms which sector is most important to maintain a strong national economy.

While manufacturing was clearly an important feature of the American economy, according to the results, people have expressed hesitancy in pursuing a career in this field.  Manufacturing ranked sixth in terms of preference for starting a career today, and only 30 percent of respondents agreed that they would strongly encourage their children to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Craig Giffi, vice chairman and Deloitte’s consumer & industrial products industry leader in the United States, said that the discrepancy between these numbers can in part be attributed to the fact that the public is somewhat concerned about the continued health of the manufacturing sector.  The study emphasized that while the public’s perception of manufacturing may be high, we need leadership and policies to help ensure that it continues to be an essential pillar of the American economy.

Posted by: Wesley Milillo

Sources: The Manufacturing Institute & Deloitte, PR Newswire

Photo credit: the factory behind a fence courtesy of flickr user Kraetzsche Photo


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