Innovative Models of Charter Schools

As businesses are increasingly in search of new and creative solutions in our globalized economy, charter schools are increasingly being looked at as innovative models to be patterned after.  Brayden King, assistant professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School, has argued that the innovative solutions used in these charter schools  can serve as a model for industries across the economy that “need to emphasize their distinctive qualities if they want to gain a competitive advantage.”  According to a report on California’s charter schools, they also can serve as “laboratories for systemic innovations, including new approaches to peer-based accountability.”

While charter schools may be serving as sources of inspiration for business, as entities that are not entirely publicly funded, they are also less insulated from  swings in the financial market.  According to the Washington Post, charter school expansion has been “hobbled by a smaller pool of potential investors and higher costs for access to capital.”

Posted by: Michael Darden and Wesley Milillo

Sources: Progressive Policy Institute, PR Newswire, Washington Post

Photo credit: Carlos Rosario Int’l Public Charter School courtesy of flickr user Mr. T in DC


One Response to Innovative Models of Charter Schools

  1. Monica says:

    You hear a lot about charter schools as an alternative to mainstream public/private schools, which is definitely a good move in order to improve education. However, I went to a magnet high school ( for math, science, and technology. Magnet schools are another way for students to learn in the challenging environment that is necessary to drive success, AND they do not require the private funding that charter schools do, which means that they are not subject to the “swings in the financial market.”

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