STEM Education and American Manufacturing

As the economy continues to struggle, the manufacturing sector is behind a recent push to reinvigorate the industry by focusing its attention on an unlikely source – education policy, and specifically STEM education.  According to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers(SME) Education Foundation, “creative and curious young people need a STEM-based science, technology, engineering, and math education to succeed.”

With concerns over unemployment still high, and with President Obama’s recent signing of the U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010, people are looking for new ways to bolster an industry that has long served as a backbone of the American economy.  A newly placed emphasis on STEM education as it relates to manufacturing could be that way.  Bart A. Aslin, the director  of the SME Education Foundation has remarked, “We need to place a greater emphasis on reaching young people at an early age, and making sure they are guided and not intimidated by taking a more challenging course of learning.”

Posted by: Michael Darden

Sources: ChemInfo,, SME Education Foundation

Photo credit: Viva Technology comes to Garfield High School courtesy of flickr user RDECOM


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