Innovation in Europe

While much has been made of the innovation gap in the United States, European governments are also searching for ways to boost innovation on their side of the Atlantic as well.  According to Germany’s junior minister for education and research, Dr. Georg Schutte, Europe needs to better link education, research, and entrepreneurship.  Marie Geoghegan-Quinn of the European Commission has argued that it would be beneficial for Europe to focus on implementing broad societal changes and  improving the flow of knowledge to best foster innovation.

Geoghegan-Quinn, the Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, has been tasked by the European Commission with drafting their Research and Innovation Strategy which is to be published later this year.  Some would argue, however, that this report is long overdue as access to venture capital and intellectual property assurances have been more difficult to come by.  The report is designed to help Europe enjoy a ‘smart, sustainable, and inclusive economy’ for years to come.

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources: EMT Worldwide,, European Commission,

Photo credit: Edificio Berlaymont courtesy of flickr user Leandro Neumann Ciuffo


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