Incentivizing Teacher Performance

In many ways, a student’s performance is tied to the performance of his or her teacher; thus, understanding the keys to being a good teacher is imperative in order to maintain a healthy education system.

The Center for American Progress recently published “Measuring What Matters: A Stronger Accountability Model for Teacher Education,” which argues that regulation should focus on “…whether or not students are learning, how effectively teachers have developed their classroom skills, recent graduates’ committment to teaching as a professional career, feedback from graduates and employers, and tests of teachers knowledge.”  The Wilson Center has previously explored the issue of teacher performance by taking a closer look at the medical school model.

The lucrative Race to the Top grants emphasize the role of teachers and specifically name teacher accountability as one of four specific areas of reform.  As a result, many states reformed their teacher accountability policies in order to best position themselves to receive Race to the Top funds.  With the announcement of the winners earlier today, states are sure to be desirous of recruiting the best and the brightest into their ranks of teachers.

Posted by: Monica Schager

Sources: Associated Press, Center for American Progress, New York Times, Woodrow Wilson Center, U.S. Department of Education, Washington Post

Photo Credit: Teacher 2 Teacher Conference courtesy of flickr user Danny Nicholson


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