Enrollment in Community Colleges

Enrollment in community colleges is up across the country.  As the economy continues to struggle, more and more students are choosing to attend community colleges rather than traditional undergraduate institutions.  Furthermore, many who are seeking skills to position themselves more favorably for employment are choosing to attend community colleges to further their education.

Community colleges have also been shown to have a positive impact not only on those who attend, but on communities as a whole.  The Texas Comptroller has argued that whether directly or indirectly, “…all Texas communities reap the benefits of community colleges.”

As enrollment in community colleges increases, so does their potential to help transform our workforce into a more educated and nimble one.  Commenting on data compiled by the American Association of Community Colleges, former chancellor of the Maricopa County Community College District Paul Eisner urged (subscription required) community colleges to imbue their graduates with the skills necessary to thrive in the new economy.  Eisner, with an eye towards the future, noted the importance of community colleges and asked, “We have lots of skilled workers, but do they have the right skills?”

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources: azcentral.com, Canadian Business Online, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Massachusetts Community Colleges, mync.com, Texas Comptroller of Public Accountants, WXVT.

Photo Credit: West Virginia Northern Community College courtesy of flickr user taberandrew


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