Ingredients for Successful Innovation

Like most goals, there is no agreed upon path to follow to become successfully innovative.  Many would argue that the ability to think creatively, anticipate the needs of others,  and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances are all important components.  One case study suggests that taking advantage of limited resources, connectedness, and diversity of ideas are all essential to fostering an innovative climate.  President Obama has argued that the three building blocks for innovation are education, infrastructure, and research.

In our increasingly interconnected economy it can be agreed upon, however, that innovation has taken on increased importance.  This is partly evidenced by the fact that a significant number of professionals are now focused on innovation.  No matter the ingredients, as we continue to emerge from the global recession, harnessing our collective innovative power will continue to be an important factor for economic success.

Posted by: Clark Taylor

Sources: Business Week, The Harvard Business Review, The Innovation Journal, The New York Times, The White House

Photo Credit: Longbridge Technology Park – Innovation Centre courtesy of flickr user ell brown


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