School Boards, Mayors, and Educational Control

Though educational standards are becoming more national,  there is still much debate and experimentation over local control of school districts.  While taking control of local school districts may constitute a power grab in the eyes of some, others argue that it obviates school boards in which consensus can be difficult to reach.

Some cities have tried a hybrid approach in which mayors and elected school boards form partnerships.  Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who has supported mayoral control in the past, has put forth a proposal in which voters would decide between giving authority to the school board, the mayor, or a hybrid of the two.

Thus far, statistics have been mixed as to which system of control is most beneficial to students.  Some cities with mayoral control have tested worse than those overseen by school boards, while some large cities under mayoral control fared better overall than comparable cities controlled by school boards.

Posted by: Monica Schager

Sources: The Capitol, Michigan Live, The U.S. Department of Education, The Wall Street Journal,

Photo Credit: Detroit Mayor Dave Bing courtesy of flicker user brettmtn


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